Thursday, August 26, 2021

Curses, what are they and should you use them?

First of all let’s explain what a curse is. Today’s society would explain this as being a passive aggressive way to let loose your anger, just as you would when you swear at someone your upset with (also known as cursing verbally) 

Traditionally curses have always been used by witches towards their enemies to bring them fear and despair as a means of retaliation, self defense or protection. Other forms of cursing used by witches are banishing, exorcism and the expelling of any negativity. 

Witchcraft has always been betrayed as bad and misunderstood since the dawn of civilization and today’s modern witch thinks that cursing is only used in “black magic”, well if I have said this once I have said it a thousand times, there is no such thing as white or black magic, the bottom line is that good and evil does not exist in physical reality, it is a figment of descriptive imagination. It is only the intent and will of that person that determines the outcome of whether it is perceived to be either good or bad. 

So should you curse someone? This is down to you and what you personally believe, if you think that curses are bad or you’re not yet ready to explore this side of the craft then trust in your feelings. True Witchcraft has very few laws other than the laws of nature to abide to so if we wish to take revenge on someone who has wronged us then we will take that revenge, if however you are a Wiccan then I’m sorry but you have no choice in the matter due to your three fold law and the Wiccan rede which says that you can’t do any harm and if you do it will come back at you threefold. 

Let me know if you have a different opinion. 


Friday, August 20, 2021

What is magic?


I got asked the other day by someone a question that for a split second caught me by surprise, and that question was “what is magic”? The reason it caught me by surprise was I thought that everybody knew what magic is or at least had an idea especially if they are getting into witchcraft.

So I thought for a second or two and gave my definition of what magic means to me and that is, to a witch magic is the will of the witch to alter or change a particular outcome to his or her desire, in layman’s terms magic is the end result of spell work, if you were a Christian a miracle would be the end result of a prayer, but it make me think afterwards if I asked other experienced witches what they thought magic is would I get different answers! Let me know your thoughts.


Wednesday, July 28, 2021

When to do magic!


Just a short post

I cannot stress this enough, magic or any spell work can be carried out whenever you either want or need to do it. You do not need to wait until the witching hour (a time period between midnight and 4AM) nor do you need to wait for a full moon, blood moon, blue moon, crescent moon, new moon, waxing or waning moon or even a man on the moon.

Magic was carried out at midnight in days gone by because it was illegal to practice, and so the witches of the day did there spell work in secret in the woods under a full moon so they could see what they were doing as a fire or flame would draw attraction to themselves, not because a full moon gave there magic any more power.

Don’t get me wrong I know the moon has great power over the earth’s oceans and it's seas  and it may have other great powers too, but magic comes from all life energy.

But this is only my opinion, if you feel different about the moon so be it, but I think I’m right about the timing, magic should be done whenever you want to.


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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Magic and True Witchcraft


We have come to understand that all magic comes with a price, nothing is free and we know that a balance must be maintained at all times.

There are many varying degrees to all natural magic and this is made simple by thinking that white magic is considered to be the right path of good and that black magic is the left path to follow evil. As I have said in a previous post magic is magic and in True Witchcraft there is no white or black magic, all natural magic comes from the will of the witch and your intent.

All natural magic is neither good nor evil,True Witches are known to use what some consider to be black magic, this is because we use blood and animal remains in some of our spell work like a hex bag or a curse, but this doesn’t make it black magic just leaning towards the darker side of the craft. As you already know everything in nature is totally recycled and nothing ever goes to waste, and as a True Witch we follow the same natural path and we do the same, if we happen to come upon a dead animal we will use what is required for any particular spell and then respectfully thank the earth and bury the remains.

One final word of caution, where as we work within the laws of nature there is a much darker magic or non natural magic, this is the darkest of the black magic’s and should be avoided at all costs. True Witches do not use this type of magic nor would we be tempted to, but it is out there and it is this type of magic that gives all witches the stigma that we have today.


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Curses, what are they and should you use them?

First of all let’s explain what a curse is. Today’s society would explain this as being a passive aggressive way to let loose your anger, ju...